The BizSwitch switching platform is a reliable, scalable financial consumer web portal that is also available on multiple mobile android POS platforms. The platform allows for online transactions for utilities such as prepaid electricity, prepaid gas and prepaid water. The platform has been tested to over a thousand transactions per second, which includes different processing transactions such as POS terminals, ATMs, unattended kiosks and third party vending. The BizSwitch platform is offered as a SaaS solution which is hosted and managed by BizSwitch. This robust system allows users to be in control of their energy consumption via mobile device or desktop computer.

Vendor Management

The BizSwitch platform facilitates the sale of prepaid electricity and gas tokens for Standard Transfer Specification (STS), and smart and proprietary meters. The platform is a reliable and sound solution for retailers, third parties and dedicated service providers to manage their vending business seamlessly.
The versatile platform can be configured to various POS and transfer methods depending on the vendor’s needs.

For more information about the Vendor Management system – click here to download the PDF.

Meter Management

The BizSwitch meter management system facilitates the management of energy meters through a web interfaced application. The system allows consumers to set up and manage profiles from which they can monitor their usage as well as pay outstanding tariffs. The user-friendly system interface is also essential to providing municipalities and utility service providers with the ability to manage meters and customers in real-time.

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POS Solutions

BizSwitch Services provide pre-developed low-cost terminals to service providers to enable the rapid expansion of their service delivery base. The fast tracked BizSwitch installation of terminals assist in establishing new business.

Retail Management

The BizSwitch facilitates the acquiring of debit card, credit card and other EFT transactions. The flexible ISO 8583 platform can be accommodated by all acquiring or issuing financial institutions. The system provides a secure, fast and easy-to-use medium for the processing of all EFT transactions.

For more information about the Retail Management

Auditing Field Forms

Field forms facilitate the capture of data in the field, the management of tasks and the tracking of technicians by time and location. The field forms can be accessed via mobile devices and desktop computers and provide real-time information. Tasks are assigned and managed on the app for field technicians to update once they have completed the task, allowing administration to be constantly updated on the status of the task.

For more information about Auditing Field Forms – click here to download the PDF.

Customised Reporting Portal

The BizSwitch platform allows clients to design custom reports that are tailored specifically to their business needs. The platform allows clients to manage and edit reports accordingly, via the user-friendly mobile and desktop application.

We offer reliable tailor-made solutions to meet any utility vending system requirement.

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