Bizswitch FX Switching Platform

Through our Bizswitch FX Platform we provide international access to prepaid meter top-up and bill payment for utilities in Africa and beyond, priced in a single currency (USD), paid into a single account. Our clients and partners integrate with us via a cloud based single point API connection, alleviating the strain of having to maintain numerous utility integrations and relationships.

This allows our clients to offer millions of migrant workers anywhere in the world the ability to pay for bills and to top up their meters for their families back home in real-time and safely at low costs.

  • Single currency, USD.
  • Single account for both paying for purchases and receiving commissions.
  • Material commissions.
  • Single point of presence in the cloud with simple API.
  • International prepaid electricity, water and gas purchases to multiple utility platforms.
  • Purchase of a token, typically a numeric code, representing value (e.g. kWh) is completed within seconds and delivered to the purchase point or to the customer’s mobile phone.
  • International utility bill payment for electricity, water and gas to multiple utility platforms completed within seconds and the payment advice is delivered to the customer’s mobile phone.
  • Customers can easily access this global services across multiple regions, allowing them to conveniently select and pay their utilities in one place.
  • STS6 Compliant
  • 24/7 Help Desk

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